Braw is a Limerick-based bakery and chocolatier. 
Braw, which is a Scottish phrase meaning 'pleasing', similar to the Irish 'go Breá'; was founded by Anna during the pandemic. What initally started as a personal project to create care packages for friends and family has developed into a new small business that aims to bring these connections and comforts to the wider public.

Anna started out as a pastry chef back in 2010 and has since worked in restaurants and hotels in Ireland and the Netherlands. After several years working in Dublin as Head Chocolatier at Cocoa Atelier, Anna returned to Limerick and spent a year working as pastry chef at Adare Manor before founding Braw.

Braw supplies cafes and restaurants in Limerick with bakery items and sells chocolate made in small batches direct through the website. Shipping is available across Ireland.